About Us
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                                                                                           Jed's Custom Drywall Contracting, LLC                                                                               _    
Established in 2001, Jed's Custom Drywall Contracting, LLC provides expert drywall service to all of our clients. We have over 25 years of experience in the drywall industry. We are a custom drywall company - not a production company - dedicated to the highest standards of drywall finishing. We are commited to doing the job right every time, with the highest quality materials, and without shortcuts. References are available upon request. 
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We recycle all paper, cardboard, and drywall scraps and we use recycled materials whenever possible.

All of our drywall and drywall mud products are manufactured in the Pacific Northwest.

*You may receive lower estimates from other contractors due to our commitment to local and eco-friendly sourcing of materials and our pledge to pay workers a fair wage.

State Licensing  (OR)
TRADE                               LICENSE #         EXPIRATION 
Specialty Contractor           172766               10-27-2023

TYPE                                  AMOUNT             EXPIRATION 
General Liability                  $2,000,000          09-12-2022
​Surety Bond                        $15,000               10-27-2024
Quality & Service
Commitment to Local Businesses and Sustainability